Zenzy is your faithful guide into the world of wellness, and we know that healthy partnerships are built on trust. That’s why we only bring you complete and accurate information about products, places and experiences we know and love. Our primary priority is 100% transparency, 100% of the time.


The information we share, recommendations we make, and suggestions we provide will always be in the best interest of our readers. Zenzy aims to create a sanctuary in which we get real about how to live your best life, and that means getting real about products, places and experiences in the wide world of wellness. Every piece of content on Zenzy is created by our editors, and we will only ever promote that which we love, and believe in. This means we believe it will contribute to your life in a beneficial way, as it has contributed to our own.

Zenzy strives to create a positive, empowering environment in which teen girls can learn, grow and thrive. Our content will always be made for the Zenzy Gal, and reflect the main tenets of the Zenzy way of life. All promotions of products, places or experiences will only be included if they are Zenzy-approved.   



It is part of Zenzy’s DNA to recommend products that we think are perfect for our audience. In doing so, we will often provide an affiliate link that will help readers easily purchase the product through the link on our site. This allows Zenzy to promote products we love, from sources we trust. Zenzy will earn a commission from the linked site (like Amazon, for example) if you make a purchase via the link on our website. The price you pay will be entirely unaffected, regardless of whether you purchase the product through the affiliate link on our site, or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link. Affiliate links follow all the standards we describe above, and we will only ever use them for products we trust. We will always inform you when affiliate links are being used in any relevant editorial content.



Occasionally, Zenzy will work with a partner to bring you a unique piece of sponsored editorial content– whether that be an article, video, or other media. In these cases, Zenzy will be paid by the partner to be featured on our platform. We will always tell you when content has been sponsored. Once again, these sponsorships will always follow the policy described above. We will only ever allow brands that we know, like, and trust to sponsor content, and it will always be written by Zenzy editors (sponsors don’t write content– we do!). Sponsored content, or sponsored links, will always be clearly identified.



Sometimes, Zenzy will receive free (or reduced-price) products and experiences as a manner of reviewing the products, places and experiences we ultimately discuss on our site. However, this in no way will impact the coverage and opinions on Zenzy: We are stubbornly dedicated to recommending only the best of the best. A sub-par evaluation won’t make it on our platform. Everything we post about has been Zenzy-approved.



Here at Zenzy, we love to collaborate with our favorite brands to bring you exciting events, giveaways and more. As always, we only partner with brands that we think are doing great things for women in the wellness world. Our only concern is the well-being of our readers, and our goal is to provide unique experiences that bring you into the Zenzy community.


If you have any questions about our editorial policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.