10 TikTok Dances To Learn This Weekend

Aleksija Vujicic

For most of us, we’re on week 3 of quarantine. That means 3 weeks of trying to figure out how on Earth we are going to entertain ourselves. Judging by the recent influx of “I am so bored” captions on IG, I’d say we’re beginning to run out of ideas. After all, there’s only so much painting, reading and Netflix-ing that you can do.

We have some tricks up our sleeve that you’ll see in the coming weeks (think Tie-Dye!), but for now, we have to use what we got. Fortunately, most of us have got TikTok… And if you don’t, now is the time to download. I know, I’m preaching to the Gen-Z choir. We don’t need to be told how much fun TikTok is. Even Justin and Hailey Bieber are doing them. What we might need, however, is a little inspo for new dances to learn.

With everyone spending so much time inside, there are more and more dances going viral, which means more and more dances to learn and occupy your time- plus, it’s an easy way to move your body without, you know, working out. Who knows, you might even get TikTok famous while you’re at it! Below, we’ve compiled the 10 most fun (IMO) viral TikTok dances to learn, including compilations, how-to videos, and more. Let’s get moving, friends.

Hit Every Beat Challenge ft. “U Can’t Touch This” By M.C. Hammer

Otherwise known as, the song that Hailey and Justin Bieber made their TikTok entrance with. This one is nice and easy, so it’s a good way to ease yourself into the game.

“Say So” – Doja Cat

Alright, we’re stepping up the difficulty a little bit with the “Say So” dance. Doja Cat loved this dance so much that she put its creator, Haley Sharpe, or @yodelinghaley, in her music video! That could be you one day, just saying.


“Relationship” – Young Thug

This dance is pretty straightforward because the dance moves match the lyrics. Just add a little of your own flair and you’ve got viral content. If you have a boyfriend that’s willing to do this with you (and who you’re not social distancing from), grab them now!


“American Boy But Shibuya Is There Too”

This is the perfect remix of two very classic songs, with an even better dance to match. Here is a hilarious slowed down tutorial to learn how to do it, though you’ll probably only need 20 minutes to nail it.

“Cannibal” – Kesha

I cannot tell you why this song has made a come-back, but made a come-back it has with one of the most viral dances on TikTok. The choreographer of this dance is @ya.girl.bri.bri97, who posted a tutorial for us to follow along and learn!

The Renegade to “Lottery” – K-Camp

This is the tutorial you’re going to need to learn this dance which, though it might arguably by the most popular dance on TikTok right now (or in the world?) it’s also a little more difficult than the others. But that means that once you learn it, it’ll be the perfect bragging opportunity to your friends.

Candy – Doja Cat

Yes, Doja Cat again- she’s ruling the TikTok scene with easy dances that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Be warned, in this dance you have to throw it back- but you can learn how to do that here.


“Rule The World” – Liz

If you’re looking for more of a challenge- this is it. It’s fast and it’s definitely got moves, so if you were trying to get a workout in, just spend 30 minutes learning this dance (this tutorial will help!)


“Toosie Slide” – Drake

We’re pretty sure Drake designed this specifically with the intent of it becoming viral on TikTok and… it worked. We all want to learn it. Here’s a tutorial if you do too.

“Why Is Everything Chrome?” – King Critical

We’re bringing it back to basics. Once you’ve tired yourself out learning “When I Rule The World”, give yourself a break with some easier choreography. No tutorial needed, TBH.


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