5 Ways to Stay Sane While You #STAYATHOME

By: Aleksija Vujicic

Pre-Coronavirus outbreak, staying home from school was a dream come true. We longed for snow days so we could lounge on the couch and watch Euphoria. Post-Coronavirus and social distancing… It turns out staying at home for days on end might not be as fun as we thought it was.

I love my family. I’m sure you do too. But there’s only so much time you can spend with your siblings watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram before you go crazy. It remains to be seen how many days we’ll be playing cards and finding new ways of entertaining ourselves, but it’s safe to say that it’s going to extend past next week. That’s why we spoke with Psychological Astrologer Jennifer Freed, PhD. about ways to stay sane while we stay at home. We’re getting through this together, friends.


1. Get Fit Get Fun

The number one daily practice that’s going to keep you feeling mentally and physically well, is staying active and making time for movement in your day. Yes, we’ve said it before and said it again (and we’ll keep saying it), get off the couch and get moving! If even for just a few minutes. Whether you want to do a few jumping jacks or are craving a more intense workout, Dr. Freed tells us that physical activity will fill our brain with positive hormones which will get rid of any anxiety or stress you might be feeling.


2. Fresh Air Will Make You Feel Better

While it might not seem this way, just breathing fresh air (outside your house!) will give you a whole new perspective. No matter how you’re feeling (and it’s ok to feel a little anxious during this time), Dr. Freed is a firm believer that getting outside while help you change your mood. Grab your pet, or grab FaceTime and take your friends on a walk with you!


3. Create Something

Dr. Freed knows we might be feeling an overwhelming sense of being shut in or bored, but she also knows that the only solution is creativity, not distraction. While our first instinct is to turn on Netflix or watch another TikTok video (guilty), it will leave us feeling “more tired and less inspired” (is that catchy or is it just us?). Baking a cake, or painting and just using our hands will provide an instant mood boost and relief.

Before you think painting, ugh — It’s not just an activity for little kids! I personally bought a ceramic bowl and have been painting a beautiful Italian lemon tree, which will make an ideal fruit bowl come summer. Painting, but make it fashion.


4. Start a Group Chat

Dr. Freed gave us a much needed reminder that just because we’re social distancing physically, it doesn’t mean we have to social distance emotionally. Having a group chat where you can text your every thought, funny meme or questions about whether you really need to buy that new top can keep you and your BFFs connected at all times. Pls send in all dm’s regarding hilarious group chat names— we will repost the best ones.


5. Actually Read A Book For Fun

Yes. We said it. It can be done, we swear. Now that you might not have endless piles of homework and mandatory books to read for class, might we suggest reading a book you… actually enjoy? What if you and your friends all read the same book? That might be, dare we say it, a book club? You can text about it in the group chat you started. You’re welcome.


Looking for more ways to stay fit & fun inside? Dr. Freed’s organization AHa! is designed to keep teen girls (aka us) feeling our best (hallelujah). From now on, they’ll be posting 1-min videos teaching us something new every single day on their IG. You can find them at @aha_sb.

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