A Holistic Nutritionist's Guide to Eating Beautiful While #StayingHome

By: Aleksija Vujicic

Bianca Valle, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and also certified beautiful human (inside and out) has a refreshing approach to nutrition and wellness: “We are all beautiful humans, and we deserve to eat beautiful foods and feel beautiful.” Have you ever heard anything more, well… beautiful?

In fact, just speaking with Bianca was a cure to the overwhelming anxiety many of us might be feeling right now as we deal with the constant news about COVID-19 and social distancing. She gives off vibes of love and positivity as she speaks about “following our inner bell” and “respecting ourselves” through our choices of food and movement. Every piece of advice she recommends is designed to make you feel like your best self (no matter what that is), and we’re here for it.

Bianca reminds us that the “I Should” mentality is not going to serve us. There’s no such thing as “I should go for a run” or “I shouldn’t eat this meal”. All that matters is how you feel, so we’re working together to shift “I Should” to “I Feel”. This means listening to your body— “what charms you? What’s winking at you?” If it’s the pomegranate in your fridge that’s calling your name, amazing. If going for a run seems like the most exciting thing on the planet, that’s great. If you just want to shake your body and dance around your bedroom to music, that’s perfect. You are the only one who can decide what your body needs.

Bianca focuses on the three M’s— Moderation, Movement and Mindfulness. Below, we’ve broken down her thoughts on each.

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Right now, constant news updates, social media posts and texts from our friends can feel super overwhelming. “If you need to have a box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese because you feel like the world is about to end, then do it. But if you have the time and the headspace, try to make a more uplifting decision— and by headspace I mean the ability and the means to do so”. Bianca wants us to focus on allowing ourselves the space and the self-respect we need to choose the foods that are going to make us feel best. Uplifting foods like “fruits, vegetables, rice, and quinoa are going to feel just as good in your tummy as a bowl of mac & cheese, but is going to leave you feeling much better and healthier afterwards”. It’s all about moderation: Look into your fridge, what’s winking at you? What’s calling your name? Grab that, it’s what your body needs.



“The ‘I Should’ mentality is not going to serve us right now.” There’s so such thing as I should, only “I feel like”. When you scroll through Instagram, you might experience a pit of guilt or fear in your stomach watching everyone talk about how they’re going for runs, or tuning into an online yoga class, it can be extremely triggering.” Instead, Bianca advises us to block out all the noise and listen to our bodies. It will tell us what it needs. Before you look at IGTV, look into yourself. Ask yourself “What do I feel like doing right now”? If the answer is going for a run, go for a run! If the answer is nothing, then do nothing.


The only way we can truly know what our body needs, is if we take time to connect with it. Bianca wants us to practice speaking to ourselves with no distractions. Put away your phone, your music, your TV, and start asking yourself questions. What do I need right now? What is my body craving? Bianca calls this “following your inner bell”. “What charms you?” In the morning, Bianca walks to her fridge and lets her body point out what it needs. She looks at her exercise equipment in the corner, and asks what’s winking at her. “If you follow your inner bell, no matter what, every day is going to be more magical.” It might sound like a difficult practice, but begin by sitting with yourself in your room for just 5 minutes, and it will get easier with every try.

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