Beat the Heat: Summer Hair Humidity Maintenance


Summer is decidedly the most wonderful time of year. No school, endless iced coffees, denim shorts, bikinis – the list goes on. However, there is one formidable opponent that tries to cramp all of the summer vibes. Humidity. The moisture in the air that rolls around come summer months more often than not leaves our once sleek manes looking more like a Pomeranian than a silky long-haired Afghan Hound. A little seasonal pouf isn’t always bad – the higher the hair, the closer to God, right? But not all hot days should be bad hair days. We’ve figured out a few tricks below to keep you and your hair summertime fine.


Shampoo and Conditioner

Like all great things, humidity haircare starts in the shower. Moisture in the air doesn’t stand a chance against super hydrated locks. Shampoos that are straightening or anti-frizz are going to be key for this, in addition to rich or leave-in conditioners that have added protein for making sure your strands are as smooth as silk. John Freida Frizz Ease, Bumble and Bumble Start Smooth, and Neutrogena Triple Moisture are great options.


Towel Drying

If you’re anything like me, then your natural instinct is to take a towel off your head post shower and rub it all over your hair while hanging upside down. This is exactly what not to do when trying to fight humidity. By doing this, you’re causing the hair particles to split like split ends, which lends to that Poodle / pouf action we’re trying to avoid. Instead, try squeezing out all the water with a towel and letting it air dry. Just make sure all the water is out of your hair before venturing outside, otherwise you’ll be met with some serious fluff.  



Serums are important year round, but with humidity the outer layer of hair is what really needs to be tamed to lay flat. That’s where the serum selection comes in. Serums that are anti-frizz and have keratin in them are a surefire way to get shiny, glossy strands that will hold up against the elements. You can also use our favorite cure-all – coconut oil. Put it in your smoothie, coffee, on your skin and on your hair and you can conquer the world.


Wear it up

‘Tis the season to WORK. THAT. UPDO. If you’re really struggling to function and just can’t deal then put it up and away. Braids, messy bun, top knot, man bun. Anyway you work it will be a way to avoid dealing with humidity hair. Plus, if you’re on day four of dry shampoo it’s another excuse to keep going.



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