Here's How to Lighten Your Locks for Summer



Raise your hand if you were once a child with beautiful, shiny, golden blonde locks. And then you woke up one day at age 14 and had hair the color of a brown mouse. I certainly did and STILL don’t understand why four-year olds are so #blessed with luscious hair and dewy skin. Who you trying to impress in the sandbox, Becky? I so vividly remember being four and having adult women obsess over my hair color as a child. It was perfect and sun-kissed blonde – a color women pay hundreds of dollars to achieve I was so frequently told. Being the precocious monster that I was, I told these same women that I would have this hair color ~*~forever~*~. LOL.


Shortly thereafter, I was personally victimized by puberty and my hair was lost its golden hue. It suddenly became a light brown and I was so distraught. As the gods punished me, I sought refuge in the lemon tree in our backyard and proceeded to squeeze lemon juice all over my head and lay in the sun for hours in an attempt to lighten my hair. Since I was still too young to pay hundreds of dollars for highlights. The lemon juice kind of worked but it also burned, made my skin really itchy and I got a sweet sunburn in the process. If you’re anything like me and constantly long for youthful tresses, then keep reading to learn about some healthy, natural ways to lighten your hair, and a way save your family’s fruit trees.


  • Lemon Juice & Conditioner
    • I was right about the lemons but missed the part about protecting my hair from acid. Whoops. Lemon juice is great for naturally blonde hair since it will make the color brighter. It will also work for brunettes, but keep in mind that it will make red and orange undertones come through most prominently. By mixing the lemon juice with conditioner or coconut oil it protects and moisturizes the strands of hair.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Apple cider vinegar is a lot like coconut oil where it’s both a kitchen and beauty cure-all. For this particular concoction, mix one part apple cider vinegar with six parts water in a spray bottle and mist all over your head. ACV gets bonus points since it helps dissolve build up from oil and chlorine.
  • Chamomile
    • Not just for relaxation and sleep. By brewing a cup or two of strong chamomile tea, you can use it as a lightening technique. Make sure to let it cool all the way off before applying to your hair.


The kicker with all these hair lightening techniques is that they all require sun exposure to really get them to do the trick. 30-minutes to and hour is the recommended time for these to start working. That said, be sure to wear sunscreen when cookin’ your hair in the backyard and to use shampoo and conditioner afterwards to clean and hydrate your newly lightened locks.



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