How Sujin from Dazzoloqy Stays Fit



It always starts off with the best of intentions. We go to bed early, promising ourselves that we’ll wake up early to go for a run before school. Or, halfway through the school day, we decide that when we get home, we’ll do a quick ab workout in our room. Then, we wake up, and our bed is just so comfortable, so we turn of the alarm and roll over. By the time we get home from school, we’re exhausted and have homework to do and Vampire Diaries to watch, so the ab-workout gets pushed to tomorrow. And the day after.


Image: @dazzoloqy

So, how are other girls managing to stay fit and active? We decided to talk to Sujin, who you might know better by her Instagram and Youtube handles “Dazzoloqy”, about her fitness routine to find out. Sujin told us that she believes exercise is extremely important, as it helps her relieve all of her stress and tension, as well as be more productive and focused at school. She’s absolutely right! Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. They improve your ability to sleep, and reduce stress. In fact, about five minutes are aerobic exercise can help combat the effects of anxiety!

So, what is the definition of being “fit and healthy”? “For me, the definition of being fit and healthy means that I am in tip top shape, both mentally and physically. I don’t consider myself to be fit/in shape unless I get at least two hours of exercise a day as well as eight hours of sleep.” Here at Zenzy, we always stress the importance of both physical and mental health. Being ‘fit’ is not only about how you look, but about how you feel as well. Exercise is not only good for your heart, blood pressure, muscle mass and general health, but for your mental well-being also.

Sneak peak of Sujin’s fav workout gear! Image: @dazzoloqy

Sujin exercises for at least two hours daily, and some of her favourite ways to keep active and fit include “running, playing soccer, tennis, and going to the gym”. But her absolute favourite, is running. “I love running because of the rhythm I am able to create with each step I take. It’s super relaxing and often times I go on a run when I am stressed out because it helps me clear up my thoughts”. That’s why, “as much as I like working out with my friends, I like working out by myself because I am better able to focus when I’m alone”. Are you interested in running, but think it’s so boring? Try this dance workout playlist on Spotify– it’s sure to get your body in the groove, and put a little pep in your step!

Finally, we asked Sujin what her go to exercise is when she’s trying to get a quick workout in at home. Her response “wall sits! I have so much fun doing them!” Truthfully, I’ve never had fun while doing a wall sit, but you go girl.



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