No One Wants to Get Sick- Eating These Foods Can Help

Aleksija Vujicic


Right now it probably seems like you’re being told to do a lot of different things. Stay home. Wash your hands all the time. Drink Water. Go for a walk. Don’t annoy your brother. While the first is a must and the last is, well… difficult, we know these rules and tips are to help protect our health, and our community’s wellbeing. That doesn’t really make it any easier.

Staying inside is harder than it sounds. Especially when you’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix (you can only watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before so many times), and scrolling through Instagram isn’t as fun as it used to be. Next stop? The kitchen, for some much needed boredom-snacking. We feel you, we do it too.

We’ve got some good news for you (finally). That snack you grab in the kitchen can actually help boost your immune system and fight off any illness just as much as any of the other things you’re being told to do (and more than fighting with your brother). It’s all about picking the healthiest, but still tasty, snack, rather than that cookie you might be about to grab (guilty).

But navigating the kitchen when your mom isn’t cooking for you isn’t easy, so we spoke with Savannah Sinhal, a holistic health educator, to figure out what exactly we should be reaching for. She gave us the low-down below.


1. Eat Foods With Life

The most general, and best, advice that Savannah gave us is that “what you eat literally becomes you” we are eating to live, “so eat foods with life in them”. But what does that mean? It basically means to focus on foods that themselves were once alive in whole form— fruits that grew on trees, plants that grow from the ground, seeds that grow off those plants. When you eat foods with life, you give yourself life. Easy as that.


2. Drink Tea!

Ok so your mom is in charge of cooking and you still don’t really understand what an herb is, so what about something much easier, with all the benefits: Insert tea. “If you feel like maybe you don’t have a lot of choice in what meals you’re eating at home, using herbs and roots to make fresh teas is a good alternative to still get the benefits.” Savannah suggests we peek into our tea cupboard (do you have one of those too?) and look for ginger, fennel, turmeric, and cinnamon— “Licorice tea is another great choice, especially for our respiratory system!”. Add a little honey and you’re ready for a Netflix sesh.


3. Swap in some nuts and seeds

Our favorite word here at Zenzy is moderation. It’s totally fine to eat a cookie once in a while. But it’s also more than fine to swap out your cookie for a more nutritious handful of nuts & seeds once in a while, too. “Nuts, seeds and legumes are all good, nutrient-dense foods”, which basically means they’re packed full of the vitamins our body needs to survive and ~thrive~. Have you tried our coconut & almond no-bake energy balls? Talk about thriving.


4. Eat like you normally would eat

When we’re in school, there are set times of the day that we eat. Breakfast, a little mid-day snack, lunch, dinner when we come home… you get the picture. It’s important, even when we don’t have school and we’re at home all day, to keep a daily routine, according to Savannah. We’re already stressed out enough, we don’t need to add extra stress “with cold drinks, huge portions or processed foods”. The idea is to find “rituals and routines that help keep you grounded and happy”.


5. Drink. Water.

We’re just going to keep saying it. It’s just one of those things you’re always going to see here at Zenzy. Get used to it. Drinking water will not only improve your general health but it will help give you clear skin, so if that’s what you need to remind yourself to drink water, just do it.

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