Spend Your Social Distancing Getting Clear Skin: Here's How

Aleksija Vujicic

We’re pretty sure we have the best idea for how to keep yourself entertained while social distancing yet… Why not spend it trying a new skincare routine to get that clear, happy, healthy skin we’ve always wanted? Now’s the time to try all the things and go back to school (or head into summer) without a pimple in sight. Old quarantine, new me.

We spoke to esthetician, healer, melanin specialist and all-around skin guru Andrea Ámez from Ámez Skin for her easy 3-step routine for bright, glowing skin- plus a few product recommendations and extra tips along the way. Follow Andrea’s easy guide below and try out a new skincare routine! Then DM us about your results, and maybe include a selfie while you’re at it!




“My motto is always cleanse, tone, hydrate. This is a basic routine that is easy to follow but will give your skin everything it needs!” First step: A good cleanser. “This is essential for removing any impurities like sweat or dirt” — and this is especially true if you play sports! “If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have used such stripping cleansers as a teen.”

According to Andrea, those intense, oil-free cleansers are a thing of the past, as they can dry out your skin and even cause inflammation, which can lead to skin problems down the road! While all skin and its needs are different, “for cleansers I like to suggest a cleansing milk such as Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating Gentle Cleansing Milk”. We know a lot of our Zenzy Gal’s are also a fan of Glossier’s Milk Jelly Cleanser, and that works too!


You may not have used, or even heard of, a toner before- but now is the time to experiment! Toners are amazing because they help balance your skin out by restoring hydration, balancing your pH and helping your skin do what it does best: which is stay healthy and clear! Toners are a great step to add in to get rid of congestion in your skin and help battle breakouts. Andrea loves to use an organic rosewater toner, and her favorite is Heritage Store Rosewater (which you can buy at Target!).


“After toning, this is where you can get creative!” For us teens, Hyaluronic Acid is your new BFF. This usually comes in the form of a light serum that you pat into the skin before you put any moisturizers on, as they help boost your skins natural hydration, and maximize the effects of any products you use!

“As far as moisturizers, this is where consistency and feel is important! I always suggest listening to your skin- it will tell you what feels right!” If you feel like you need something more lightweight and less heavy on your skin, a Zenzy favorite is Tatcha’s The Water Cream. If you like something a little creamier and heavier, try this night cream from one of our favorite skincare brands, Grown Alchemist!


“Sunscreen is a super health habit to instill, especially if you are an athlete or spend a lot of time outside!” That being said, sunscreen is a must-add every single and yes, that even means in winter. “Think of sunscreen as an invisible layer that protects your skin from environmental stressors.” That means it protects your skin from things like pollution, and even the blue-light that comes from your phone… And we all spend a lot of time looking at that. The sun isn’t only dangerous in the summer when you’re on the beach. Every time you’re outside, your skin can be affected by the sun! That’s why it’s a great last step to add into your skincare routine.

That doesn’t mean slathering on that white, goop-y stuff you used to wear. Supergoop is one of our favorite products, with facial sunscreens that you’ll actually want to wear every day.


You might think we’re kidding, but we’re not. Andrea said it and we’re just here to repeat it… Even though we say it all the time! If you don’t believe us, Andrea says “keeping hydrated is key!” It helps flush out any yucky stuff in your body and your skin. “I also can’t stress enough how important proper rest and sleep is”- not just for your skin, but for your general well-being. Which might mean not staying up late watching Netflix or aimlessly scrolling through IG (again)- sorry!

Do you have more questions about skincare for Andrea? DM us! She’s going live on the Zenzy IG (tomorrow!) and can answer your questions there!

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