The Vitamins You Should Be Taking According to Ritual Vitamins


The vitamin aisle of any grocery store is one of the more daunting places I’ve ventured to in my life. Whole Foods receives an honorable mention since their vitamin and supplement section is a cacophony of numbers, letters, minerals and things shouting at me to become the healthy vitamin goddess I have no idea how to be. Also, this section also makes me feel like I should make my own almond milk, stop shaving my legs, and wear clothes made of hemp. But I digress.

My vitamin knowledge is truly very limited, especially since I err on the side of gummy vitamins and eat them like candy. I know that Biotin is good for hair and nails, as is Collagen, Iron is for anemia and low energy, and B12 I was told to take because I was tired – that’s about it. Oh, and celebrities are paid to cutely pose with them on Instagram to convince me I will have hair like them even though they sit on a throne of lies and have hair extensions – aka make me feel worse about myself. Even if you’re in the advanced class and are able to get a semblance of grasp on the world that is vitamins, it can get a little pricey and annoying to take so many in a day. *Ritual Vitamins enter stage right*

Image: Ritual Vitamins

You may or may not have seen Ritual’s vitamins on Instagram or somewhere else floating around the internet. They’re a vitamin subscription and delivery service that is pretty much the idiot’s guide to vitamins – not to mention totally transparent about what’s in them (literally they’re see-through). Ritual prides themselves on cutting the crap on vitamins and giving women the nine essential vitamins they lack most frequently in their diets. With Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 M27, Vitamin E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Boron, Iron and Magnesium beautifully encased in a clear vitamin shell it’s pretty easy to never journey back into the vitamin aisle and wonder whether or not shark cartilage is right for you. PLUS, it’s only 30 bucks a month which will save a lot of dollars you would have spent on vitamins that sound like rocket fuel. Check out a quick breakdown of all the vitamins from the Ritual site and let us know in the comments below what vitamin regimes you’ve tried out!

Vitamin B12 – keeps energy levels up with support of brain and nerve function.

Folate – aids in the production of new blood cells and benefits mood.

Vitamin D3helps calcium absorption, supports bone and tooth health, and is linked to both mood and cognition.

Vitamin K2 M27 – maintains healthy skin and is essential for activating calcium-binding proteins that are important for bone and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin E – provides antioxidant actions that support overall health and helps protect cells.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – these healthy fats support cardiovascular and brain health, as well as maintain healthy joints.

Boron – helper nutrient that assists activity of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 MK7 to support bone, joint and brain health.

Iron – helps build healthy blood cells and is important for mood and energy.

Magnesium – essential for activity of enzymes and cell proteins that support overall health, particularly for bone, brain, muscle and cardiovascular tissues. It also helps maintain calmness.



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