This At-Home Face Mask Ingredient From Joanna Czech Will Shock You

Last week on Dior’s Skincare IG platform, Olivia Perez interviewed skin guru Joanna Czech on IG Live about all the tips we need to take care of our skin at home, including at-home mask ideas. Her suggestion might surprise you.

When asked for an at-home face mask recipe suggestion, Czech responded with “Potatoes!” According to the celeb-loved esthetician, “you cut potatoes into very thin slices and put it all over your face and that is a very good brightening and anti-inflammatory face mask.” So put your cucumbers away, reach into your cupboard and grab your… potatoes!


According to Czech, any potatoes will do! Whatever your mom has stored away is more than fine. “I usually do it with regular potatoes!” Olivia asked the questions we’re all wondering: How long do you leave it on, and… “so, do you just lie down and put them on like you would put cucumbers on your eyes?” Czech confirmed that’s exactly how you do it, and you leave them on “for 20 minutes, like a normal face mask.”

Potatoes are loaded with vitamins like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6, all of which are very good for your skin. Olivia Perez also later confirmed this tip for us with an ultra-positive review:
“I tried this this morning and followed it with her face roller and let me tell you… It’s 100.” Consider us convinced.


Joanna’s other at-home skin trick is much less shocking. For a quick anti-inflammatory treatment that will help de-puff even the most tired of faces and eyes, “wrap an ice cub in your sunglasses wipe and gently rub it over your eyes or your serum or moisturizer.” The sunglasses wipe refers to the cloth that often comes with your eyeglasses when you purchase a new pair.

While we’re all at home, we’re definitely up for any quick and easy skin treatments using ingredients we likely already have in the kitchen, and these definitely fit the bill! Will you try them? DM us with any skincare questions you might have!

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