THIS IS IT: How to Actually Layer Your Skincare Properly

We all dream of the perfect 7-step Korean skincare routine that leads us to glowing skin and eternal happiness, am I right? Once we nail those 7 steps (finally), the problem lies in deciphering which order they go in. You have your serums and your moisturizers and even a facial oil but which goes on first? Which goes on last? Does it even matter or you can just mix it all up, throw it on and hope for the best?

While crossing our fingers is our usual approach to such mysterious matters, it turns out that the order in which you layer your skincare certainly does matter. In fact, your skincare products must be layered in the correct manner in order to be effective at all… Otherwise, that serum you just splurged on from Sephora won’t matter at all- and that would be truly tragic. Your skincare efforts deserve to be rewarded and we all deserve clear skin, so we’ve broken down the end-all and be-all to skincare layering, from start to finish. Read on, grab your products, and get layering for clear skin!


Note: Of course, prior to applying any skincare products, a great cleanse is needed. Making sure you have a clean canvas to start from is the best way to ensure the rest of the steps will be as effective as possible!


Acne spot treatments can differ in ingredients, so consult with your dermatologist for the best way to apply it. However, typically acne treatments need to be applied as close to the skin as possible to work, so it’s recommended to apply them first if you use them. Make sure to skip these spots when you’re applying the rest of your ingredients!


The rule with skincare products is to apply them from ‘thinnest’ to ‘thickest’, so that each product can properly absorb into your skin. Therefore, serums should be applied first (or second). We love a Hyaluronic Serum to increase moisture retention followed by a Vitamin C serum to brighten and protect your skin against sun damage!


Moisturizer is key to any skincare routine as it adds moisture and seals the serums on your skin to make them more effective. And yes, you need it even if you have oily skin!


In small doses, oils make skin radiant. Put them on after creams, as they act like a barrier to any products that go on afterwards, preventing them from absorbing into your skin.


Sunscreen should always be your last step every morning (yes, even when you’re inside)! It sits on top of your skin, so it prevents other ingredients from absorbing. Plus, SPF needs to sit on top to properly protect your skin from the environment!


Main Image Credit: Glossier

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