What is Micellar Water and How Do You Use It?


As with most things in the realm of fashion and beauty, the French are generally considered the masters. We look to them for effortlessly chic style and barely there, flawless beauty looks, so it’s no surprise that they’re responsible for one of the fasting growing beauty trends and a personal favorite product of mine – micellar water. I was v skeptical of this mystery product when I first heard about it and saw it popping up all over the shelves at the drugstore. At the time I was in the market for a new eye makeup remover since the usual wipes I was using were causing some major dry skin issues around my eyes. With these ongoing problems, I was wary of trying out micellar water since it sounds like a chemical and doesn’t sound totally inviting. Regardless, I decided to try it out to see what the hype was all about. I was not let down.


It looks and feels like water but it isn’t water. It removes literally EVERY inch of makeup from your skin, as well as dirt and oil. How can this be? Well, micellar water is full of tiny particles called micelles that act like pods for trapping make up, dirt, oil – you name it traps it while keeping your skin super hydrated. Micelles are essentially tiny balls of cleansing oil that naturally attract dirt and oil so you don’t strip your skin of its natural oils that keep skin healthy and hydrated.


So why is it better than other makeup removers you may be wondering. As we mention in our pollution and skincare article, double cleansing is super important and micellar water does just that. It gets rid of the major surface things like the makeup and dirt that stays on our face all day, while a gentle cleanser is able to do more of a deep clean into the pores. It also aids in protecting the natural oils and barrier of our skin. Since incorporating micellar water into my daily routine, I’ve noticed a complete difference in how hydrated my skin feels. This is thrilling for me given the usual allergies I’m plagued with.  So really, there’s no reason to not be using micellar water. All you need is a bottle of the stuff, some cotton balls and you’re ready to have clean, French skin.



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