Why Toner is the Secret to Your Best Skin Self


If winter weather has got your skin looking dull, or broken out in blemishes, you may be wondering what secret ingredient will help your skin care game glow-up. Between face washes, lotions, and spot-treatment creams, you’re likely overlooking one extremely important step… Toner – that curiously-colored potion you may have seen in almost every beauty store, or possibly already have in your bathroom. But what exactly does this mystery liquid do and do you really need it? In short – we say YES to toner!

Toner is a water-like substance that acts as an extra cleaning agent for your skin. It removes excess makeup, dirt and oil that a facial cleanser may have missed, which means less breakouts! It’s kinda like when your mom tells you to clean up before the cleaning lady comes to the house. It’s not as crazy as it seems! Your face wash is the first step, and then your toner comes in to do the real work. To apply your toner, saturate one or two cotton balls or pads and wipe them gently across your face in small circles. Leave it to dry for one minute after applied- toner is not meant to be washed off.

A daily toner aids in fighting pollution from the environment that can be harmful to your skin. Something we may not consider is how much external pollution can really irritate your skin, but if you think about it, pores are the perfect place for debris and pollution to find a home. A toner works by pulling all of those gross little particles out of your skin and leaving a smooth clean surface. This helps calm and smooth the surface of your skin, prepping it for your third skin care step: slathering on super-hydrating lotion.

Not sold yet? Toner is also a tightening agent, so it makes your pores seem invisible and provides that super-glowy #lewk we all want. However, not all toners are right for every skin type. It’s important to work with a skin care professional to help pick the right one for you and your skin needs so you can live your best life with a toner by your side. See below for some Zenzy-approved toners!



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Mario Badescu - Glycolic Acid Toner

$18- Bella Hadid's favorite!


Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner, Lavender



Burt’s Bees Rose Water & Glycerin Toner



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