How to Make Whipped Matcha With Just 3 Ingredients

It’s hard work keeping up with TikTok trends, IMO. Between learning a new dance every. single. day., Chloe Ting’s workouts, and those challenges where you swap outfits by having them thrown at you… I’m just… exhausted. Then came Whipped Dalgona Coffee. Finally, I thought, some much-need caffeine to replenish my energy!! But in true Zenzy fashion, we couldn’t just do whipped coffee. We had to go a little further (in the name of wellness, obv), and make a whipped matcha.


Turns out, this twist on the heavenly South Korean-drink works just as well, with creamy, puffy matcha piled high to the sky- all you have to do is replace your instant coffee with matcha powder.  Plus, antioxidant-filled matcha gives you calmer energy that lasts longer than coffee, so it’s a great sub for your morning latte routine.



Despite this cloud-like beverage looking so difficult even your local Starbucks Barista couldn’t make it, it only requires 3 ingredients. Find the recipe (and get whipping!) below.

The Goods

2 Tablespoons Matcha Powder (we love Golde or Cha Cha Matcha!)

2 Tablespoons Coconut Sugar (this is a great replacement for white sugar in any drink!)

2 Tablespoons Hot Water

1 Cup Nut Mylk (We love “Milkadamia” Macadamia Milk or Mooala Coconut Oatmilk!)


The Steps

1. Put the matcha in a bowl. Mix until the matcha is completely dissolved. We recommend using a bamboo whisk if you have one!

2. Stir in your coconut sugar. Then, using a hand mixer, beat the mixture until it’s thick and frothy. This will take a while, so don’t get discouraged if it’s not a cloud right away.

3. Once it’s ready, pour your nut mylk over a glass of ice about 3-quarters full, leaving room for the matcha. Add any sweeteners or flavorings you want, like vanilla collagen creamer or a little more coconut sugar!

4. Gently spoon the matcha froth on top of the nut mylk- and upload onto TikTok immediately.


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