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For those of you who are dairy-free, by necessity or by choice, the idea of inhaling an entire tub of ice cream whilst sitting in sweatpants and watching Netflix may sound heavenly, but entirely unrealistic. That’s why the universe decided to gift us with vegan ice cream, often produced with a milk alternative such as coconut or almond milk. No more sitting idly by while your friends treat themselves to the utmost degree, grab a spoon and dig in girlfriend. The question that may be on your mind (it’s definitely on mine), is whether these wannabe faux-ice creams can taste as good as the real thing. Will we know it’s fake, like Kylie Jenner’s lips? Or will these ice creams fool our highly-trained taste buds? Fellow Zenzy Gal Bridget and I decided to do a taste test on four different brands of vegan ice cream to find out, and determine the winner. You’re welcome in advance. Read on for ratings and reviews of each vegan ice cream brand by Bridget and yours truly.

Image: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s: PB & Cookies

Aleksija: 10/10

This is the Keeping Up with the Kardashians of Ice Cream. And by that, I mean it’s bad, but it’s SO good. You know you probably shouldn’t eat the entire tub but you just can’t help reaching for that next cookie chunk, and yes, there are entire cookie chunks. If you need further affirmation of this life-changing ice cream experience, just listen for the strange sounds I make while digging in for a second bite in the video below. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Bridget: 10/10

Seeing that we both had physical responses to this ice cream, it was pretty clear that this guy was the best of the batch. Ben & Jerry have done it yet again. And they just introduced the line of dairy free ice cream! This ice cream is the definition of extra and we knew that the moment we took the lid off and were met with beautiful swirls of peanut butter resembling the Milky Way. Word to the wise – use a big spoon since this experience is like an archaeological dig. With cookie chunks, not mummies. An overall religious experience.

Image: Halo Top

Halo Top: Oatmeal Cookie

Aleksija: 7/10

Maybe it was the oatmeal flakes, maybe it was the overwhelming cinnamon flavor, maybe it was just a little too light for my delicate palette. I couldn’t quite determine what it was that made this ice cream just a little less than satisfactory, but that it was. I wanted grandma’s fresh, home-baked oatmeal cookie and instead I got a pre-packaged, processed pack of oatmeal cookies from your local grocery store. You know the difference.

Bridget: 8/10

I’m not mad at this Halo Top pint. I already am a fan of oatmeal cookies and greatly enjoy cinnamon so for 320 calories a pint I can’t complain too much. It is rather fluffy, not like a normal ice cream texture. However, this gets an added point in my book because I was surprised how wholesome the ingredients are while being the most healthful nutritionally. Before I read the label I was expecting a chemical creation given its low calorie, fat and sugar count.

Image: Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen: Mint Chocolate Chip

Aleksija: 9/10

Like a fine Girl Scout Thin Mint, this ice cream hit a nice, frothy balance of mint and chocolate chip. It felt light and almost healthy, whilst delivering that mood-boosting, sugar-induced thrill that one can really only find approximately halfway through a tub of ice cream. Truthfully, the only reason it lost a point is because it simply couldn’t live up to the standard that had been set by Ben & Jerry. But really, who can?

Bridget: 9/10

Van Leeuwen really brought the competition today. I was pretty much sold on the Ben & Jerry’s gift, but then started to reconsider once I tried this refreshing treat. Mint chip has always been my favorite ice cream flavor, so maybe I had a moment of nostalgia of being a sticky 6 year old at Baskin-Robbins.  I was so torn between Van Leeuwen and Ben & Jerry’s that it called for a tie breaker. Since I once again had an audible response to the Ben & Jerry’s bite, all doubt was erased and we had found our winner.

Image: So Delicious

So Delicious: Organic Cookies and Cream

Aleksija: 6/10

This So Delicious ice cream is getting some points for it’s fairly good nutritional value, but unfortunately the taste didn’t live up to my expectations. Cookies and Cream is my favourite ice cream flavour, so when I was hit with that slightly stale, plastic taste, I think it brought a little tear to my eye. Why even eat vegan ice cream when it tastes like this? I would probably rather not eat ice cream at all, honestly, and that’s saying something.

Bridget: 4/10

Hard pass here. I was excited about this once since I really like coconut milk, but was quickly disappointed upon discovering the taste of chemicals and stale Oreos. My facial response to this one in the video says it all. That and the fact that we didn’t even go back for a second bite.

Want to see this taste test IRL? Check out the video below: 




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