The Beauty Trick You Can Eat


While watching Riverdale the other night, I couldn’t help but wonder how each Riverdale star seems to have the long hair and clear skin that dreams are made of. Madeleine Petsch is a real life red-haired Rapunzel, Lili Reinhart’s skin looks like it hasn’t seen a single pimple in its entire life, and Camila Mendes always has the perfect manicure. Are they all genetically #blessed, or is there a Riverdale beauty secret we’re missing out on?

Having deal with seriously dry and brittle hair, nails that crack regularly, and skin that likes to breakout at the most inconvenient times, I’ve tried just about every hair, skin and nail beauty trick under the sun. From Moroccan Oil, to SugarBear Hair gummies, to applying coconut butter just about everywhere (I don’t recommend this), nothing has seemed to truly help me attain the clear skin, long hair and manicure-ready nails I desire. Is it really too much to ask?!

On a recent trip to the Free People Movement store in Soho, NYC (I promised myself I was just window shopping!), I came across Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars. The cute packaging caught my eye, but the main ingredient was what convinced me to give buy them—Collagen. My window shopping went out the window, he-he.

Image: Kalumi Health

Collagen protein is an insider beauty trick that I had been hearing about more and more recently, but hadn’t tried. Now that I have… I’m hooked. So, let’s get down to the dirty business of Collagen and explore what it is, and how it can help you achieve Riverdale-status hair, skin and nails.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and is what helps give structure, and health, to our hair, skin, nails, bones, and more. Collagen is what helps our hair shine, skin glow, and nails stay strong.

How will Collagen help my skin, hair and nails?

Skin: Collagen is one of the most important building blocks of the skin. It helps your skin stay smooth, fresh, clear and dewy, giving you that “I woke up like this” lewk.

Hair: Collagen is also extremely important for hair growth, as it helps it grow faster, while also improving the texture and thickness. With collagen, your hair will be long and luscious in no time.

Nails: Similarly, Collagen strengthens your nails to help them grow longer and stronger. No more broken nails, phewf!

How can I add Collagen to my diet?

There are two main ways in which you can increase the amount of collagen in your diet: Through natural foods, and through collagen supplements. Both are outlined below!

Natural Foods:

  • Fish
  • Red, dark green and orange vegetables– Listen to your mom and eat your veggies!
  • Berries
  • Citrus Fruits – Think Oranges, Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit!


I prefer to add collagen to my diet through as easy collagen protein powder that I buy at the grocery store. I add a scoop of the powder to my morning breakfast smoothie, a cup of tea, or when I’m baking my favourite goodies, like this banana bread! It’s tasteless, and simple to add. Some of my favourite brands are listed here…

  • Vital Proteins (I have this one at home right now!)
  • Primal Kitchen
  • Axe

This all changed, however, after my trip to Free People Movement. Now, I have Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars. An easier, tastier way of getting my collagen. They are a protein bar that looks cute and can be eaten on the go, giving you that extra boost of collagen no matter where you are! Check them out here.

Kalumi is launching their newest BEAUTYfood bar flavor today, and it’s called Cheeky Chai! As a huge fan of Starbucks’ Chai Lattes, I’ll be trying it out as soon as possible. It’s also made with sunflower seed butter, so it’s perfect for anyone who might be allergic to nuts! In a really cool effort to support girls in need, a movement Zenzy is totallyon board with, Kalumi is launching this flavor TODAY, March 5th, on Indiegogo. All profits from the Indiegogo campaign will be donated to Girls, inc—an awesome charity that helps empower and inspire young women (aka all of us!). Head to Indiegogo to check out the campaign, and maybe grab a Cheeky Chai flavor for yourself. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you.



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