20 More Things to Do When You're Bored

Aleksija Vujicic

For many of us, we’ve passed the one-month mark of quarantining. What started off as “so much free time!” without school and mandatory after-school activities, has turned into so much free time… with nothing to do. The first few days were filled with doing absolutely nothing- Netflix, sleeping in, naps, and generally lounging. When you realized that wasn’t sustainable for a month or more, you tried to get creative. You baked banana bread (like everyone else), learned 10 TikTok dances (and got bored of it), and went for more walks than you have in your life.

Now, even those activities have gotten exhausting. Unfortunately, we’re still in this for the long-haul (or at least the medium-haul), so it’s time for a refresh. Below we have 20 more ideas for activities that are not only actually fun and exciting, but are things you probably haven’t done yet. Crazy. Read on and then head to our latest IG to let us know which activities you’ve tried!

 1. Paint!

Whether you’re painting a ceramic bowl (make sure it’s not glazed) or just a sheet of paper, it’s stress-relieving (not to mention fun) to put your mind to a creative task! Need a little inspiration to get you going? Try following along with Belen Hostalet.

 2. Take a Virtual Tour of a Museum

Museums like The Met in NYC are offering free virtual tours, giving you a chance to explore fun museums you might never otherwise visit in person!

3. Make Energy Balls

The easiest thing to bake (or rather, not bake), when you’re bored of banana bread. We’ve got a recipe for you on our Healthy Eats highlight on Instagram! (And an IG Takeover on how to make them coming up this Sunday!)

4. Make Music on Ableton or GarageBand

If you love music, why not try making your own? Download softwares like Ableton or GarageBand for an easy way to start creating some beats on your own computer.

5. Play Houseparty Games With Friends

Did you know the Houseparty app has games that you can play? From Trivia to Pictionary, it’s sure to be a hilarious way to connect with your friends.

6. Workout With Friends Over FaceTime

Getting the motivation to workout by yourself can occasionally be difficult. That’s why partner workouts are so fun! You can still keep up your workouts while isolated, just set up your friend on FaceTime, and go through the same workout together! Might me suggest Kirsty Godso on the Nike Training App? 

7. Start A Virtual Book Club

Getting through a book can be similar to getting through a workout… It’s easier in pairs. Now that we’re not reading as many mandatory books for school, we might as well try reading a few for pleasure! Gather your friends, choose a book, and then meet over FaceTime once every few weeks to discuss! We’re loving the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han– It’s even better than the Netflix movie!

8. Watch YouTube Cooking Videos (Then Re-Create The Recipes!)

Believe me when I say I’m no chef. But I do enjoy watching a nice easy cooking or baking video on YouTube then following their very simple step by step directions on how to make french toast, for instance. A favorite YouTube channels of ours is Bon Appetit.

9. Practice An Instrument

Before quarantine, your parents forcing you to practice piano or guitar was a nightmare. Now, you’ll happily strum away at your guitar and learn “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young in your bedroom.

10. Practice a New Language on Duolingo

Because… Why not? Imagine coming out of this quarantine saying you can speak some Spanish? Duolingo also has High Valyrian, if that interests you.

11. Perfect Your Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Every fun quarantine trend is coming straight of TikTok and this is no exception. Dalgona Coffee is the new banana bread and its creamy, frothy consistency is a true upgrade for your morning latte. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make it.

12. Tie-Dye Your Old Shirts!

Time to start planning a fun summer wardrobe, and a great place to begin is by revamping pieces you already own! Grab this tie-dye set from Amazon which has absolutely everything you need (including gloves and plastic covering!), and get to work.

13. Start A New Podcast

If you’re not really into reading, podcasts are a great alternative! Some of our favorites are Friend of a Friend with Olivia Perez, Lemon Water with Michelle Siman, and The Goop Podcast.

14. Host a Netflix Party

If you didn’t know, now you know- Netflix has a feature called Netflix Party that allows you to watch movies and shows with friends with a chat box so you can talk throughout. Netflix and Chill, but make it social.

15. Paint Your Jeans!

Yes, another idea that includes taking your old clothes and redesigning them. While tie-dye is a little more typical, we’d bet that you haven’t thought about your old jeans. Why not grab some acrylic paint, and create some cool designs on old jeans? Here is some amazing inspiration.

16. Read Your Birth Chart

This time is excellent for getting in touch with yourself, and a great way to do that (IMO) is by reading your birth chart. Learn all about your sun sign, rising sign, moon sign, mercury sign– and then make your whole family do it so you can learn about them too!

17. Learn How to French Braid

French braids are one of those skills that all of us want to do, but most of us can’t. With summer coming up, this is the perfect time to learn how to create this effortless hairstyle!

18. Give Yourself a Manicure With Nail Art

Many of us might be used to heading to our nearby nail salon for a quick manicure, but with that option temporarily suspended, we’re all left at home with nails that are growing out. Time to learn how to give ourselves a manicure, and while we’re at it, why not practice nail art? We love the IG account @evemeetsnails for some serious nail inspo.

19. Play Board Games

We’re all reverting to our childhood selves, and playing board games is no exception. Pull out your Catan, your deck of cards, Monopoly or Taboo, and gather your family for a game that is sure to be fun.

20. Bake

Alright, we’re not suggesting banana bread, but we are suggesting everything else… Muffins, matcha pancakes, cookies, you name it. Don your apron and a whisk and whip up some delicious treats for you to enjoy for days.


Main Image Credit: itsmegkehoe, via randomitus

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