8 Ways You Know You're Ready for Summer


Waking up for anything that starts at 8AM is no easy task, but these days there’s something in the air that makes the struggle so much more real. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, your highlighter is glowing, sure there’s been an occasional thunderstorm, but that’s not going to stop us from celebrating that Summer is nearly upon us and it’s almost time to turn in those final tests and papers.

Read on for eight ways you KNOW you’re ready for summer.

Your Denim is Getting Shorter

Weather above 65 degrees? Oh baby, say hello to my distressed, blue friend named Levi. You even shaved your legs for the occasion! This summer staple has been tucked away like a hibernating bear, but it’s time for these bad boys to make their annual debut. You’ll wear them to death all summer and then will be forced to buy more. Sorry mom!

Your Nail Polish is a Mood Ring

If you’re anything like me, during the winter months I fancy myself to be something of a Blair Waldorf by dressing in oh so chic dark colors like burgundy, navy, grey or forest green, and my nail color is no exception. I always refer a vampy red color for my claws, but one little ray of sunshine and my polish choice looks more like something from My Little Pony. Watermelon pink? Yes please. All of the shades of blue? Done. Purple? OH YEAH.

It’s Bikini Season, Baby

You need all of the bikinis and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Buy them all, I say. Not every beach trip or vacation can have the same ~lewk~. High-waisted, ruffles, bandeau, sporty, floral, mesh – the options are endless. You’ll maybe even want to match with your friends and pretend you’re Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid froclicking in the Caribbean together.

Everything is ICED

Summer, more commonly known as iced coffee / tea season, is a rather warm time, so why not cool yourself off with an absurd amount of refreshing beverages. You may even ask your favorite Starbucks barista if their Iced Tea Lemonade comes in an IV. Hey, sometimes a Venti isn’t enough on those hot summer days. Plus, you’re struggling to stay awake in class.

You Know More About Khloe Kardashian’s New Baby Than You Know About WWII

What finals? There is a new Kardashian baby gracing our presence. Sure, 1939-1945 was kind of a big deal in history but you just can’t with that right now – Khloe snapped the first picture of her baby and Cardi B deleted her Instagram. What a time to be alive.

Windows Down, Attitudes UP

My personal favorite summer pastime is screaming Justin Bieber lyrics at passersby and fellow drivers. Summer always offers up a strong selection of fire singles from faves like Ariana Grande, Drake, Dua Lipa and The Weeknd. Warm up those vocal chords and roll down the car windows for your very own carpool karaoke.

You Plan Outfits For Your Vacation in August… It’s May

Instead of writing your final term paper, why not plan every Insta-ready outfit for your family vacay four months away? This is the best opportunity to figure out that you don’t want to wear anything you already own and that a summer clothes haul is long overdue.

You Cannot Wake Up To Save Your Own Life

The alarm clock screeching in the morning predicts your fate the moment it goes off. That dreaded sound has never been louder or more upsetting as it signals that you must rise and face another 8 hours of school. If you’re really having a hard time with it, just think of it as one day closer to that beloved Summer break.



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