How To Become Your Own Best Friend


A best friend is the one person who knows everything about you, does everything with you and picks you up when you’re down. Think about your best friend for a minute. A name or two might immediately come to mind. Now, try to replace that name with your own. What if you were your own best friend? What does that mean and how does it happen?

Your best friend always tells you whether your outfit looks great, is there to comfort you if you do badly on a test, and listens to you talk about your most recent crush. A best friend is always there to lend an ear or give a hug. How can you take that role on for yourself?

Being your own best friend is the ability to identify what you need mentally, physically and spiritually to be your best self on your own terms.These are things that no one truly knows about you but yourself, which is actually pretty cool!

More often than not, we become our own greatest critic and turn to self-judgement and criticism when we feel tired, anxious, scared, or uncomfortable. You know the saying “treat others how you would like to be treated”? Let’s flip that around. Instead, treat yourself how you would treat others. This is the first move towards becoming your own best friend. It allows you to take a step outside the chaos in your mind, and see yourself from another perspective.

If you wouldn’t say a certain mean comment to your BFF, you shouldn’t say it to yourself either! If you think your friend looks great, you should think you look great in the mirror as well. When you’re feeling anxious, what would your BFF say to you? Say it to yourself, or write it down. If you’re not sure you can do something, think of how your best friend would cheer you on, and then motivate and encourage yourself in the same way. Everyone goes through the ebbs and flows of life, but it’s about all learning how to ride the wave in your style. Only you know how to do it!

One way in which you can be your own best friend is by pushing yourself to engage in activities that you know make you feel good – mentally and physically. I maintain a friendship with myself through boxing. Boxing helps me work through stress and anxiety while getting in a killer workout. I realized that, instead of focusing on the stressors in my life, this workout made me feel happy and empowered! Exercising also reflects another important aspect of being your own best friend– learning to be alone with your thoughts. When you are your own BFF, you don’t need to constantly be around other people. Your mind can be a wild, scary place, believe me I know, but establishing alone time helps your mind and body connect in synergy.  

When your mind and body are working together, with your mind cheering your body on to reach and achieve its full potential, you’re able to unleash an incredible power. Without the restraints of self-doubt and negative thoughts holding you back, you’ll become your best and brightest self. Some great things to try out are journaling, yoga, taking a bath, running, meditating or baking – anything that you can find a groove in! Most importantly, becoming your own best friend will help you learn to love yourself, speak with words of admiration and respect, find out what makes YOU happy and treat yourself with compassion.



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