How to Get Rid of Your Sunday Scaries



[suhn-dey / skair-ees]


  1. The anxiety and looming sense of doom that sets in on Sunday night due to the impending return of school.

  2. Characterized by lying in bed all day, watching Vampire Diaries, wondering if you really do need an education.

We’ve all experienced Sunday Scaries, and the sense of sadness that returns every Sunday evening when you remember that you have to set your alarm clock the next morning to wake up bright and early for school. It seems like they’re here to stay– that is, until they’re met by their enemy: Self-Care Sunday. Let’s change Sundays from a reason to veg out and reflect in sadness that the week is over, and instead use it as a time to become excited and prepared for the week ahead. This is the time to set your intentions and really show yourself some good ol’ lovin’ to nourish your body and mind.

The realness of Sunday Scaries is no joke, but here at Zenzy we’ve come up with strategies to help fight these anxious feelings of wondering what the week ahead has in store. Putting these tactics into practice are integral in managing Sunday night anxiety and can be used at any time throughout the week to manage stress and treat yourself like the prized possession you are! So buckle up and learn how to self-care so much the scaries disappear, or at least become more manageable.


This is a tough one, I know, but shutting down your phone, TV and computer at least a few hours before bed is a huge step in quelling anxiety. The technology devices we are all so dependent on send us into a sensory overdrive and create additional chaos when winding down is so important.

Create a routine

Routines are a great way to keep yourself on track and reduce stress. On Sunday, this could be anything like putting fresh sheets on your bed, doing laundry, drinking tea and reading a book, or going for a walk with your mom and/or dad.

Treat yourself

Go to the store (or a local farmer’s market! te-he) and buy flowers, candles, face masks, chocolate –  anything that puts you in a good mood and adds some brightness to your day.

Set yourself up for success

Anxiety is rooted an uncertainty of the future, so a way to combat this is to always be a few steps ahead before an anxious feeling creeps in. Think about everything you have coming up in the week and plan ahead, whether it be picking outfits, packing lunches and snacks ahead of time, making plans with friends throughout the week. It’s like travelling with a map, when you see where you’re going the more comfortable and confident you feel taking that journey and going down that road.

These are just some examples of things we like to do on Sunday – share your tips and tricks for Self-Care Sunday and fighting off the Sunday Scaries below!



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