Selena Gomez Tells Miley Cyrus How She Deals With Anxiety

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In the midst of all this uncertainty and chaos, Miley Cyrus is here to save us all with her celeb-packed Instagram Live series Bright Minded.

If you haven’t yet tuned into Miley’s new IG Show (it even has its own theme song), it airs every day at 11.30 AM PT Mondays to Fridays (yes, she’s really doing this every day), during which she invites special celeb guests to discuss topics ranging from love, to climate change, mental health and more.

She has invited guests like Cody Simpson (are they or aren’t they still dating? Who knows), Millie Bobby Brown, Dua Lipa, and two of our favorite guests, Lili Reinhart and Selena Gomez.


Selena Gomez got real about her struggles with anxiety, her therapy practice and the tools she’s found that are helping her deal with negative self talk.

“I’ve gone to treatment a few times for anxiety and for depression and other stuff that I’ve been struggling with… I’ve definitely just really been able to use the tools I’ve gotten when I was in therapy”, she told Miley. Selena’s honesty about therapy is a reminder that there should not be any stigma around seeing a therapist as it is a completely normal and helpful practice for our mental health. We see doctor’s for our physical health without any shame, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see a therapist for our mental health.



So what are the tools that Selena has gotten from therapy? “Dialectical Behavior Therapy, that’s something that helps me big time”. Selena goes on to explain that it’s “basically a book that helps you process your emotions and how your thoughts turn into actions. I feel like there are moments where I just have to center myself and just let the thoughts come in, and then sit with ‘what is this feeling, what is the root of it and how can I get to the bottom of this emotion’”. If you’re interested in checking out the therapy book Selena mentioned, check it out here.

Miley revealed that she also struggles with negative self-talk, and asked what Selena does to filter her helpful versus hurtful thoughts. Selena’s advice was to reach out to the inspiring women in your life, whether they’re older mentors, your friends, your mom, or anyone you respect, and just get on calls and talk to each other. But “sometimes we just have to feel it and we just have to cry it out and just take a deep breath and remind myself to go back to my tools. ‘Ok, where is this coming from?’”

Miley answered for all of us when she said “it just helps to know that people are there and people feel the same things I’m feeling. It helps me feel less alone.” Us too, Miley.

Want to watch the full episode? Check it out here!


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