Setting Your April Intentions: Balance


Greetings star bbys, it’s time for us to gear up for spring and start planting those seeds of intention. Why do we set intentions you ask? Well, we think of them sort of as the “true north” of the month. Intentions keep us on track so we can remain mindful of ourselves even in midst of chaos.


(actual photo of me getting through the week)

With the full moon coming into full swing on Saturday (it’s not a scary one we promise), and April beginning, we thought this would be the perfect time to connect our intentions to the ~lunar cycle~ for a totally, well-rounded experience. With full moons there is a heightened sense of energy, which often leads us to blame the full moon for various life mishaps – not to mention mercury is still in retrograde. However, this is a Libra full moon which is all about finding balance. Now, we’re not talking balanced like pizza in one hand and a taco in the other, but more along the lines of maintaining balance with school, relationships, friends, sports, family etc. even when everything pretty much feels like a garbage fire. Balance is incredibly important in life because it allows us to feel in control, like we really have a handle on things and it’s empowering! So how do you set an intention balance? Allow us to explain.

 Try to examine your life and identify things that cause you stress and could use some TLC – you wouldn’t let your eyebrows get out of control so why should something else? Once you’re able to identify an area or areas that need some loving, whether they be internal or external, create a plan of how to tend them with actionable tasks. Think of what you have tried in the past and if they have worked or not, if not then try to change it! In doing this, also keep in mind of your accomplishments. What is something you’re really good at or proud of and can the same methods or techniques be applied to the situation? Always be kind to yourself when when looking at strengths and weaknesses and remember how good it feels to succeed and achieve something.

In addition to your own internal conversation, try to connect with someone you trust and are comfortable with to share your thinking process with. Talking things out with others is super helpful – you never know who could be dealing with something similar to you! Lastly, put a plan into action! How are you going to improve this area your life and continue to nurture it? Having a plan in place, much like an intention, is a really great step in the direction of feeling in control.



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