This Summer's Retrograde May Ruin Your Plans



I know what you’re thinking, no, Mercury is not one of the planets going retrograde over the next month. Phewf. Mercury’s pesky little M brother Mars is, however, and despite going retrograde less frequently, it has an equally significant effect on our lives. In addition to Mars, a squad of planets so large we haven’t seen anything like it since Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video is also going retrograde this summer. Hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ kids, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune got their bats and they’re coming your way.



In case you need a quick recap as to what retrograde even is, it means that the planet’s orbit appears to be moving backwards. Thanks to astronomy, we know that planets don’t actually change their course of direction during retrograde, it just looks like that to us. Retrogrades are basically just one big, cosmic optical illusion.


In astrology, each planet is said to influence a different aspect of our life, so when a specific planet goes into retrograde, the corresponding part of our life is affected. Mars is the most prominent planet going into retrograde this summer, so let’s focus on Mars Mayhem.



Mars is the ruling planet of energy, desire and assertiveness. When Mars is direct, it propels us forward, giving us the motivation and energy we require to bust through every door- even when they’re locked. Typically, Mars is direct, straightforward and assertive. During the Mars retrograde from June 26thuntil August 27th, we can expect this propelling energy to falter, and to instead feel sluggish and impatient.


Instead of being confident and assertive, during Mars retrograde we may be hesitant about taking action, second-guess our instincts, and altogether be a little less Blair and a little more Nelly. Don’t take this as a bad thing—the cosmos are just asking us to look before we leap into action, which never hurts! Instead of rushing through every challenge you’re faced with over the next two months, take your time and really consider your actions.


During Mars retrograde there is often a stronger focus on the past, as we feel tempted to reflect on past arguments, relationships, and wrongs done to us (or that we did to others!). Try not to get caught in this quicksand, as nothing fruitful will come of it. If you’ve got any crushes from the past that are looking for a second chance, tell ‘em boy bye. In addition, don’t rehash any older arguments, or bring up old problems. No good will come of it. You may also feel the need to be particularly passive-aggressive (been there) and recite the typical “no really, I’m fine”, even when you’re totally not fine. Speaking from experience, that behaviour will get you nowhere, except for leaving all parties involved a little saltier.



Since Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, they will likely be particularly affected by this retrograde, so pay close attention to everything above! To read more about how the rest of T Swizzle’s girl band is going to act during retrograde, click here to learn how to make it through with no bad blood.


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