How to Use New Moon Powers

With a super powerful Libra new moon arriving today, Thursday, October 19th, it’s time to initiate a new moon reset so we can absorb and use all the celestial magic this will bring.

What is a new moon reset, you ask? What even is a new moon and why does it bring celestial magic?? Read on.

Every January, people around the world decide to set New Year Resolutions, where they create goals for themselves in the upcoming year like “I’m going to go to the gym every day”. Then, around January 15th, half of these goals have been considered failures and crossed off the list. Oh well, there’s always next year, right?

Wrong. Instead of setting unrealistic year-long goals, we suggest setting specific month-long goals that are a little more realistic and in-line with our intentions. While we’re at it, let’s infuse them with a little ~moon magic~. Now we’re talking!

As you may already know, the moon experiences an entire lunar cycle over the course of a month, which consists of several moon phases. The new moon is the first phase of the Moon, when its orbit is not seen from Earth- therefore, on these nights it appears as if there is no moon in the sky (spooky!).

Just like the beginning of the school year or the beginning of the calendar year, the beginning of the moon cycle is an excellent time to re-set your goals and intentions(which we taught you how to do in this article!). Think of the new moon as a blank slate and a new beginning. The moon is SO incredible- it has a huge effect on our Earth and YOU! If you want to learn a little more about why it’s so powerful, click here.

The goals set during the new moon are especially important as they allow you to focus on a shorter period of time, setting goals only for the month ahead (and not a year!). Not only that, but the new moon is known to bring the power to recharge and amplify your own energy, thereby helping you successfully complete those goals.

Simply put, the new moon is a fantastic time for intention-setting as it is a moment when the universe is aligned in the perfect way to help YOU be your most successful. The universe is always here to help, she’s a nice lady.

So, right now, while you read this very article, let’s pause and take a moment to think:

What do you want to happen this month: Are you looking to get good grades? Ace your upcoming dance recital? Join a new club at school?

What is currently missing from your life: Are you feeling overstressed and haven’t had time for relaxation? Have you been spending too much time with friends and not enough time with family?

What do you need to thrive and succeed: Are you exercising enough? Are you feeding your body the nutrients you need? How can you better mentally and physically prepare yourself to meet your goals?

Remember: how you word your intentions is meaningful. Think in terms of qualities you hope to develop within you—like patience, confidence, forgiveness, etc. Therefore, instead of making your goal “I want an A on my next science test”, try something like “I want to work on my focus and motivation in science class in order to achieve an A on my next science test”.

When the new moon is in Libra, there are certain areas that are particularly useful to work on, as Libra is known to influence certain parts of your personality. Try focusing on these areas in this full moon for the best results:

  • Teamwork and working with others in general (think school projects)
  • Social interactions and friendships (for when your BFF starts to get a little annoying)
  • Romantic relationships and commitments (make the move to talk to your crush!)
  • Beauty and grace (She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s Miss United States)
  • Creating Independence (time to work with your parents for a little more freedom)

Once you have focused on your goals, write them down!! This is the most effective way of keeping track of your goals and intentions. For your most powerful energy, you should write and focus on your intention-list within four hours of the exact time of the new moon, which is TODAY @ 3:12 PM E.S.T (Eastern Time—Aka New York).

Alright now, spend this morning thinking about what goals and intentions you would like to focus on this month, then get prepared to write your list this afternoon and feel the full power of the new moon!!!!



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