What is Your Perfect Prom Lewk? Take This Quiz!


Prom is arguably the Academy Awards of any teen’s life. It’s a major moment of junior and senior year to pull out all the stops and show your classmates what your style game is all about. There are so many options, and trying to decide what look you’re going to serve everyone can be stressful. Don’t worry, girl, we’ve all been there. To make your life and prom season a little less chaotic, we’ve put together a quiz to help you figure out your prom style and what celebrity should inspire your look. Find out below if you’re a Kendall, Zendaya, Selena or Cardi!


What is your ideal summer outfit?

A. Cool separates – high-waisted jeans, sheer top and belt

B. Anything colorful, patterned and vibrant

C. A flowy, floral dress

D. Form fitting dress with a ton of statement jewelry


What is your favorite type of shoe?

A. Sky-high heels

B. Beloved white Adidas or Nikes

C. Strappy sandals

D. Thigh-high boots


What is on your summer agenda?

A. Escaping to a hidden paradise like St. Barts, the Bahamas or a magical beach in Europe

B. All of the music festivals

C. Spending as much quality time with your friends and family as possible

D. World domination


What is your go to selfie pose?

A. Fierce

B. No filter – makeup free

C. Hanging with your bestie and living your best life

D. Tongue out or showing off your new purple lipstick


Mostly A’s

Kendall Jenner – The Glamour Girl

You live for all things glamorous like red carpet queen Kendall Jenner. Think Old Hollywood glamour with a modern take. Don’t be afraid to wear the highest heels and show off some leg with the utmost confidence like Kendall. Girl knows how to slay a red carpet.


Mostly B’s

Zendaya –  The Style Chameleon

Zendaya can wear pretty much anything and look like the coolest girl in the room. Like Zendaya, you aren’t afraid to try any style or wear the unexpected. Maybe you’ll wear sneakers with the cool dress you found at a vintage store. Who knows? You’re fearless and can pull of anything! Everyone at school is probably already talking about what you’ll end up wearing.


Mostly C’s

Selena Gomez – The Romantic

Selena always looks like a fairytale dream on and off the red carpet. Think all things flowy, girly and sparkly. She also loves to show off some leg by wearing a cocktail length dress instead of the usual floor length style.


Mostly D’s

Cardi B – The Diva

OKUURRR. If you got mostly D’s then you certainly have a flare for the dramatic like our girl Cardi B. You’ll probably wear something with feathers, volume, sequins and command all the attention in the room. Take it a step further and get your nails done with diamonds and pearls to complement your dress. Don’t be afraid to wear accessorize with some tiny sunglasses, a crown, or a totally new hair style.



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