This Plant-Based Supplement Will Give You Clear Skin, Less Stress, and Long Hair


If you’ve been on Instagram at all lately (and let’s face it, we scroll miles with our thumbs every day), it’s likely that you’ve seen the beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing Unicorn Lattes from The End in Brooklyn. If you haven’t, you need to check Zenzy’s Youtube video on the most Instagram-famous foods in NYC, immediately. Where have you been.


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The Unicorn Latte is the definition of eye-candy: vibrant rainbow colours, topped with confetti and a little “unicorn dust”– it’s everything your Instagram feed needs. Turns out, however, it’s everything your body needs as well. So, what is the secret that makes these lattes pretty, but also incredibly healing? Adaptogens… Also known as your new secret superpower.

The definition of “Adaptogen” hides within the name itself. Adaptogens help you adapt to stressors in the environment, including flu season woes, relationship drama, or serious school anxiety. With school, boys, acne, and the many other strains that come with being a teen girl, it might feel like you are stressed all the time. This is a challenge for your body, as it’s not built to deal with that duration of pressure. Adaptogens help reduce the presence and effects of stress on your body.

Adaptogens are natural substances derived from healing plants that come in lots of shapes and sizes. From teas, to pills and powders, you can blend them in your morning smoothie, mix them into your matcha, or even bake with them if you’re feeling creative! The idea is to incorporate them in your daily diet in any way you prefer.

Different adaptogenic plants provide different benefits for your body. Below we’ve listed five of our favourite Adaptogens, and described the positive effects they have

1. Ashwaganda:

One of the most useful benefits of Ashwaganda is that it reduces levels of Cortisol, otherwise known as a “stress hormone” because it’s released when you’re feeling stressed. As a result, Ashwaganda is best known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, and potentially alleviate depression. As if that isn’t enough, it also boosts your immune system by reducing inflammation, and can help your menstrual cycle due to its high iron content.

2. Maca

Not Matcha… Maca.It won’t be long till you’re hearing about this plant everywhere as it has recently achieved superfood status. Maca is known to enhance your energy, mood and memory. This is the new replacement for your morning cup of coffee, we’re calling it now. Maca is also rich in antioxidants, which will help you fight off your disease, battle the effects of pollution, and may even help clear up your skin!

3. Reishi

This mushroom is all about balance and protecting your mind, body and spirit. Reishi regulates the immune system and restores hormonal balance, which allows it to help fight off infections and viruses, defend against allergies and asthma, and improve heart health!

4. He Shou Wu

That’s pronounced huh-show-woo, in case you were wondering. He Shou Woo is fascinating, because it acts as an energizer, however it calms your nervous system to provide energy without anxiety. It will also boost your kidney and liver functions. This boosts better blood flow, which is a key to getting longer and strong hair and nails!

5. Rhodiola

Rhodiola is the magical potion you’ve been missing! Like some of the other adaptogens we mentioned above, Rhodiola is excellent for boosting energy, and fighting the long-term effects of Depression. In fact, it boosts cognitive health in general and improves your memory and concentration. Finally, Rhodiola increases your metabolism, which helps you burn fat. Bonus!

Adaptogens can be an amazing addition to your daily health regimen, however it’s very important to make sure that you are consuming the appropriate quantity. Brands like Sun Potion and Moon Juice are a great place to get your adaptogen fix! Check their nutrition labels, follow the directions and, as always, do what is right for your body!

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