How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Full Flower Supermoon

Yes, you read that correctly. Tomorrow, at 6.45am EST, is the third (and last) Supermoon of 2020, called the Full Flower Moon. Here at Zenzy we have a very personal relationship with the moon. You could call her our BFF, but she’s more like a spirit guide or big sister. The Moon is incredibly powerful, and we look to her for guidance and strength when we need it most- and with everything going on right now, we definitely need it.


For those who doubt the power of lunar energy, I always enjoy referencing the common meme that is altogether too true: the Moon has the power to create tides in the ocean (the OCEAN!!) and yet you doubt that it has an effect on humans? Let’s remember that the human body is 60% water, my friends. And our bodies contain much less water than the ocean, mind you.



Now that we agree that the Moon is incredibly powerful, you may (or may not) be surprised to know that this power is amplified on a Full Moon, and even more so on a Supermoon. A Supermoon is when the Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit, making it appear brighter and closer than normal. It is also a wonderful time to harness the lunar energy and put it to good use. 

We spoke to Deborah Hanekamp, whom you may know as Mama Medicine, to learn more about the Flower Moon, and how to harness its energy with rituals and mantras. She began by explaining the origins of the Flower Moon as a name attributed by the Farmers’ Almanac for the Full Moon in May because it occurs during a time when all flowers are blooming. In fact, flowers are more likely to bloom on a Full Moon, Deborah reminds us. Are you still doubting its power? 



As these flowers bloom and Spring brings new life to the Earth, “the Flower Moon represents a time of growth and inspiration, when everything is flowering and coming to fruition.” All the seeds you have sown over the recent past- whether they’re projects you’re working on, tests you’re studying for, habits you’re creating, etc. will begin to show their rewards in your life. 

Just like the Moon, we are always changing. “The Moon acts as a constant reminder to us that we are ever-evolving and always growing. We want to harness the energy of the Moon because it helps us embrace new ideas and ways of being”, according to Deborah. Ultimately, the Moon helps us set and achieve our goals, especially as Spring indicates a time of moving away from old habits that don’t serve us, and into new practices that help us grow. It’s like the lunar version of “spring cleaning”!

To best harness the energy of this Full Moon, Deborah recommends creating a ritual bath. “We are made of mostly water, so when we submerge ourselves in water on a Full Moon we create a kind of healing container for ourselves.” Fill your bath with as many beautiful and fragrant flowers as you can find in your garden (or in the park on your daily solo stroll!). If you have an amethyst crystal, bring that in the bath with you as well as it represents transformation.



Once in the bath, Deborah suggests repeating a mantra to manifest positive energy and your intentions for the month ahead. Not sure where to start? Deborah offers “softness is my strength” to remind ourselves of an opportunity for growth with this Full Moon.

If you love the idea of a ritual bath (uh, same), Deborah has an entire book (Ritual Baths: Be Your Own Healer) dedicated to helping you find inner peace and well-being through the use of crystals, herbs and flowers in your bathtub. Talk about beautiful self-care. If you need us, we’ll be in the bath.


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